Monday, July 21, 2014

Lakstore update #2

 Hey guys! I am back with a new Lakstore update. I planned to post this blog yesterday, but I went to the movies with my boyfriend and some friends. We saw Transformers: Age of Extinction! And we got home pretty late and I was waaaay too tired to put it online, sorry guys. But here it is!

This work week at Lakstore went by so fast! On Thursday I used Gelcolor for the very first time. Before Thursday I've never ever practiced with GelColor or another semi permanent nail polish, so I was pretty excited to give it a go. I swatched the Neons collection by OPI on a palette. We use these palettes so clients can 'try on' the colour before deciding which one they really want to go for. I also swatched all of our Faby gels on a palette and tried out our new Faby led lamp.
When that was done, I needed to work on the OPI nail polish palettes which will be at the nail polish counters at Planet Parfum. So far I have done 8 of each of the four different palettes, which means I have finished 10% haha. Yup, 32 down, only 288 to go! But I enjoy doing it. That way I can practice my painting and I can get to know the different nail polishes and their opacity, texture and application. Win-win it is!

Nice view huh!
On Friday, I started with some general stuff that had to be done: folding the towels, doing the dishes, stocking the shop... Buuuut, *drumroll* I did my very first Gelcolor manicure! I practiced on Sara, the owner of Lakstore. Sara explained every little thing I needed to do and know and made sure all was well understood and she gave me a lot of tips which is well appreciated!! :-). First I needed to prepare the nails. This means filing the nails, pushing back the cuticles and making sure the nail is desinfected and neutralized. After that I applied a base coat, let it cure, then three coats (it was more of a jelly-like formula) of the colour, Faby - Passport to my heart, and let it cure after each layer. After that, I sealed it all in with a nice layer of the Faby top coat. We weren't sure if nail art would work with Gelcolor, but we decided to give it a go and this abstract, tiedye worked like a charm. I think this manicure is ok for a first time Gelcolor experience, haha. What do you think?
Besides this, I also prepared a client's nails who wanted a Gelcolor manicure, removed some polish on toe nails, helped people in the shop with their purchase and served drinks. And I also did some swatching on the palettes, of course, haha! But I don't mind ;-). And before I went to work, I also did one of my mom's friends her nails for her birthday.

GelColor + Faby

Saturday went by so quickly! I did a ton of different things. Again some general stuff like advising clients, helping them to pick a colour, serving drinks, cleaning up... But I also did some nail art! On clients! As my manicures aren't up to par just yet, Sara painted the client's nails and when she was done, I had to do the nail art. I explained which colour combinations would look nice, and which colours we had to avoid. My first clients were two girls and they picked our nail art of the month: the tiedye. The other client wanted a simple, clean, not too in-you-face leopard print. I felt so comfortable doing nail art on 'strangers', even though I mostly do my own nails. They were all so happy and pleased with the result and so was I! I couldn't resist snapping some photos.

After that I removed a client's nail polish on her toes and applied a new colour. This was my first time painting a client's toe nails, whoooo progress! Haha. But I really enjoy doing it, like for real, this is the best job I have ever had in my whole life. Seriously.

So that was it for my update of this week. Next week, I will try to get my update posted on Sunday, but it could be having a small delay as I am leaving for a well-deserved vacation Saturday night! Woop woop! But I have some posts scheduled, so I won't leave you hanging, haha. ;-)
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Prismatic nail design inspired by Chelsea Queen


I am sooo in love with this geometric nail art inspired by the PRISMATIC Scratch nail wraps designed by Chelsea King/Queen/you know who. It has been a while (a loooooong, very long while actually haha) since I did a more difficult nail design. And I felt a bit rusty too: I spent 3 hours painting my nails and I perfected it this morning. God... My back hurts, my room is a hot mess, but it was totally worth it. And now, I'm done with nail art, because I'll probably wear this one for the rest of my life. Or until something else pops into my head and my fingers start aching. Alright, without further ado, let's move on to some pictures!

I also stole Chelsea's pose, hehe, woops
Yay, sunny picture!
The thumb!

Hope you all like this design as much as I do! I really like geometric designs, but you can always make the lines more crisp, get your corners a bit sharper... Mine are never painted to utter perfection, just because I really don't have the time to do so haha :-D.

What do you think about geometric designs?

Products used

Base coat: Essie - Grow stronger
Catrice -  Black to the Routes
Catrice - It's all I can blue
Catrice - Birdy reloaded!
Gosh - Bubble gum
Gosh - Berry me
Kiko - 236 (orange-y red)
Essie - Cute as a Button
Bourjois - Blue Water
Faby - Don't disturb my Puppy
Sinful Colors - Snow me white
White acrylic paint 
Top coat: NYC - Grand Central Station/Essie - Good to go
Nail art brushes from Born Pretty Store

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Monday, July 14, 2014

What have I been up to? + Lakstore update #1

Hi guys!

Long time no see, I know. School was far more demanding than I expected it to be. For those who do not know: last year I graduated and I got my bachelor's degree in event and project management. But I figured I wouldn't find a job that easily, so I decided to take the jump and enroll in a master's program for multilingual business communication. The last two semesters were preparing me for the master's I will be starting in September. The past few months have been exhausting and difficult and this experience was not at all stimulating my creativity. I had exams for almost 1,5 months, go figure haha! But now that is all over and I'm enjoying my well-deserved vacation!

BUT like all other students, I nééd to do a job during this vacation, and I was lucky enough to find one that combines my favourite things: nail polish, painting nails, fancy drinks and relaxation. I work at Lakstore in Antwerp, yay me!! Hehe. So, what is Lakstore exactly? It is a nail polish concept store where you can buy nail polish, get a mani or pedi and sip delicious drinks while chilling in the comfy lounge. Lakstore holds two brands: OPI and Faby. We all know OPI, but what is Faby? Faby is a high-quality Italian nail polish brand which is created by two brothers. It's collection holds 187 polishes (and keeps growing) and it is three-free and cruelty-free!

Shop - Picture courtesy of Lakstore Antwerp
Lounge - Picture courtesy of Lakstore Antwerp
So, Lakstore. As for manis and pedis, there are 200 colours to choose from, and if you still can't find your perfect shade, you just buy the polish of your choice in the shopping area and they will paint your nails or toes with it. By the way, you can also get a Gelcolor mani of pedi!

Nailbar - Picture courtesy of Lakstore Antwerp
As for now, I'm still learning how to give clients a perfect manicure and hopefully I will be able to do so pretty soon! Last Saturday, I practiced a nail art technique inspired by one of Pshiiit's tutorials. And this is the result.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out and so were my collegues. Woop woop! I took this photo with my iPhone so excusez-moi for the quality.

Products used
Base coat: Faby Power
Faby Sugarful (FabulousFaby collection)
Faby Don't disturb my Puppy (FabulousFaby collection)
Faby Jump on my Magic Carpet (Classic collection)
Faby Paper Sky (Classic collection)
OPI AmazON... AmazOFF (Brazil collection)
OPI Life gave me Lemons (Neons collection)
OPI Turn on the Haute Light (Coca-Cola collection)
OPI Desperately seeking Sequins (Spotlight on Glitter collection)
Top coat: Faby Fast Dry

That's all for now! I will be keeping you guys up to date about my experience at Lakstore, and for those who live in the area: don't forget to pay us a visit! ;-)

P.s.: it is easier and quicker for me to post something on Instagram, so if you are interested in ALL of my updates (pictures of cats, dogs and randomness included), click and follow!


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OPI belux
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Let it Glitter! Garden of Eden swatches

HAIIIIIII! A couple of weeks ago, Let it Glitter! released a new collection: The Garden of Eden Collection. Wowza. Totally me, like totally. Suzanne was so superduper sweet to send me two of her gorgeous polishes: Paradise and Temptation. Without further ado, let's check out some swatchesss.

First up is Paradise. And oh boy, a paradise it is. This is Suzanne's first jelly polish and it is a complete hit, in my opinion. Paradise is a teal jelly filled with big holographic turquoise and purple hexes, smaller holographic turquoise and lilac hexes and a pretty shimmer.

I applied 3 coats of Paradise and it was okay. Layer 3 was a bit on the gloopy side and it isn't compleeeetely opaque. But it looks amazing and, honestly, that's everything that counts, really.

Now, Paradise MATTIFIED. Woop woop!

And of course, a close-up!

Now onto Temptation. Suzanne is just THE best at making glitter toppers. And the best at picking out polishes for review, since I luv turquoise and purple combined in a gorgeous polish. ;-) It's like  Paradise, but without the jelly and more lilac glitter!

I layered 2 coats of Temptation over Essie Lilacism (I think). Application-wise it's the same as other glitter toppers, so a bit of dabbing is required. But just look at it, it is so pretty and spring-y and summer-y and ah lovelovelove.

Yet again, MATTIFIED!

And a macro to end with!

Let it Glitter! is available through Etsy, polishes retail for €8. You can also keep up with Suzanne on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Polishes were sent for my honest review.