Sunday, October 26, 2014

White + Teal Ruffian Manicure

Hi guys!

As the header says, I am showing you a white and teal ruffian manicure today! This is my very first attempt at a ruffian manicure, and I think it came out pretty good. I realllllly like the colour combination. That Kiko colour is tooooo dieee forrrrr. Ah, I always get so many compliments when I am wearing it. Oh btw, today I went to the store to pick up a new base coat as my other one is getting gloopy as hell. The woman in the store asked me: "Do you paint your nails yourself? Or is it like GelColor or something?" I was like, "U-uh no GelColor, woman, I paint them alllll mahself". And she was like: "Oh, so you used nail vinyls or decals then ofcourse. Yessss ofcourse!" "NOPE WOMAN, I painted them myself and I am pretty damn proud about it. OOH btw, I have a blog." Haha, okay, enough. Let's move on to some pretty pictures!

Products used:
Kiko - 389
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White

I used the brush of the nail polish to create the ruffian, I think that is what other people do, too? No?

Some pretty ruffiannnnns:
So Nailicious
Lucy's Stash
All Lacquered Up

Soooo, hope you liked this post. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Did you ever try a ruffian manicure?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Yellow + silver, sparkly accent nail


The weather today was soooo good. Sun's out so bring on the yellow nail polish! Whoop! 
Sooo, I'm back with something very simple: an silver, sparkly accent nail. I'm slowly but surely getting back into blogging again and I don't want to be to hard on myself just yet, so I thought an accent nail would be perfect to get my creative juices flowing again!

I put a glittery, sparkly, in-your-face silver accent on my ring finger and on my thumb. But on my right hand, I put the accent on my middle and ring finger, just to switch things up a bit. My picture doesn't do the sparkly awesomness any justice, unfortunately... :-(

Products used

Base coat: Essie Grow Stronger
Catrice Birdy reloaded!
Etos Effect nails in #20 (I think, it is not quite obvious on the bottle, bleh!)
Essence Disco disco
Catrice Have an ice day
Top coat: Essie Good to Go

Monday, October 6, 2014

I liked it, so I put a little bit of Let it Glitter! on it..

The Cadillacquer-gradient is even less visible now, haha. But now Temptation by Let it Glitter! is the star of this mani. When I reviewed this nail polish, I also layered it over a lilac, lavender base. It just matches the glitter mix sooo well.

I really hoped that the gradient would still like, add something to the mani, but now it just makes a backdrop. A pretty backdrop though!

Let it Glitter recently came out with a new collection. It is inspired by The Mortal Instruments. You can find it here.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Subtle Cadillacquer gradient

Hello hello!

Today I have a very subtle gradient to show you. And by very subtle I mean: not too subtle in real life, but my camera was not able to pick it up quite nicely. I used OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around as a base. For the gradient I used two Cadillacquer polishes from the Breaking Bad collection: Pinkman and Yeah Science!.

Pinkman is a very soft, nude pink colour with gold and green-ish shimmer. Yeah Science! is a soft lilac, lavender shade with pink and purple-y shimmer. Together they make such a soft gradient, and with the different shimmers they give the look a new dimension. Make sure to check out the links to find a more in-depth review of these two gorgeous shades.

This was just a quick post! Let me know what you think!

P.S.: Did you see the new collection Cadillacquer created? It is inspired by Sons of Anarchy. Check it out here.